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Roatan Adventures
by: Roatan Beach Front Guests
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"Adventure Grade Accommodations"

Please enjoy "Roatan Summer" article for more Roatan Adventure Ideas!

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  Fun for kids in Roatan
Fun for kids in Roatan
Bay island cartoon fish
  Roatan Kids Fish Roatan Children Fish

! FUN for KIDS !
Roatan Offers Many Sightes and Programs

Carambola Botanical Gardens

Carombola Botanical Garden

Carambola Botanical Gardens claims to have a "chocolate tree", and you can climb to the summit of Carambola Moutain!  Play along the hidden hiking trails of the garden and look for wildlife and birds.

Roatan Phone: 504 445-3117

The gardens are accross the street from Anthony's Key

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park is amazing, exhibiting over 3,000 Iguanas, Lobsters, Conch Fish, Terrapin and Turtles. The owner, Sherman Arch, is available to tell you about their habitats and behavior.  Admission is just $5.00, and children and adults of all ages are welcome!  The entrance is just past French Harbor on the right.
Roatan Island Iguana Farm

South Shore Canopy Tour

You're suspended in the air by Cables creating a superman like effect making it the closest experience to flying through the air while having a birds eye view of the earth below. From the start on the launch platform, a new world unfolds as you gently glide through this natural ecosystem.
Roatan Phone: 504 9904-7855 or 504 9967-1381

Garifuna Experience

YUBU, is the center of the Garifuna experience!  This is fun for the whole family and a fun show for the children.  Dressed in native costumes, their most unusual dance expresses the unique music and its rhythm. Yubu is located at Politilly Bight, just before the entrance to the Garifuna village of Punta Gorda (about 20 minutes out of French Harbour).
Bay island Garifuna

Horseback riding Roatan Beach

Horseback Riding


  This is always popular and children are more than welcome on the guided tours.  Prices vary from $35 - $45 depending on the length of the horseback ride and yes, you get to ride along the beach!   does beach and jungle rides they have exceptional horses. They are located between West End and West Bay on the west end of Roatan.

Anthony's Key rides along the Sandy Bay Beach by the Gumbalimba Bird Park and through the jungle at Anthony's Key Resort.

Roatan Horses
are a breed apart.


Roatan Glass Bottom Boat tours explore the underwater world right from your airconditioned seat!  Wait till you see how beautiful and relaxing it can be.

  Glass bottom boat fish  
The whole family is welcome!

Anthony's Key Resort, home of The Roatan Marine Institute gives your children unique opportunities that will boost their confidence in snorkeling, diving, and give them a chance at commanding a dolphin jump! Look for the Dolphin Training class at AKR and the Dolphin Discovery Scuba Camp, to sign up for a once in a life time experience!  Dolphin shows are daily.  Anthony'
  Roatan Dolphin  

The Roatan Museum is also at Anthony's Key Resort.  It is dedicated to the history, culture, and marine life of the Honduras Bay Islands.

The Gift Shop is one of the finest on the Island of Roatan.

  Roatan Stone Castle Cameo  

The Stone Castle Cameo at Gravel Bay is the place to watch the antient art of Cameo carving.  Each piece is hand carved from double layered seashells with a steel burin.  The intricate details will grab your attention right away.  Purchasing a Cameo is an ideal gift and is an investment of lasting beauty.  Come visit them past the cruise ship dock towards Flowers Bay!

  Roatan Island Jewelry  

The Butterfly Garden shows off 20 different species of very colorful butterflies as they live around lush exotic plants, and fruit trees. Photography is welcomed along the one hour guided tour by the owners Antonia and Janet Matias.
Roatan Butterfly

The garden is also home to hummingbirds, parrots, and toucans.

A lovely gift shop.

Located just 5 minutes outside West End.

Gumbalimba Park is a one-day destination dream.  Where else can you play with monkeys and parrots, tour the history of the island within a cave, ride a zip line through the jungle canopy, explore the wildlife down under while breathing underwater, take a horseback ride, eat at a fine restaurant, and just hang out in a hammock or lounge chair on the beach!
Gumbalimba Park Cave


Enjoy A Variety of Water Sports while in Roatan.  The Western Barrier Reef (2nd largest in the world) creates a spectacular "reef to shore" setting for safe, fun, water sportsKayaking, sail boardingparasailing, individual motor boating, sailing, etc.  are just a few.  Explore the mangroves, find deep lagoons, land on small Cays, watch turtles, orca whales, and dolphins!  The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are yours to explore!

Iguana Roatan

"Roatan Adventure Grade Accommodations"

 USA Phone: 312-683-9953      Roatan Phone: 011-504-2445-3476

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